Anyone who owns a camera makes them a photographer and also  who owns a frying pan is a chef. The art of photography is not about pushing a button on an expensive SLR.  It's all about the timing and angles of the photo that you take will determine its quality, capturing the perfect moment that you saw is worth a thousand words.

Although the flower is the same, bad timing or angle can give you an image you never expected! While some photos won’t make much of a buzz, other photos, like the one’s I’m about to share with you today will literally churn your stomach and you’d wish you could reverse time a little bit!

While some people think that these photos are a total failure, we think its creativity! Take a look at out top 10 hilarious photos. #10 is absolutely hilarious! OMG

10. Bird Vs Jet:

9. Guess the Legs:

8. Druken Guy

7.  He's late and trying to catch the flight:

6. Got the Smoke?

5.  She can't recognise anymore:

4. EPIC, When you faint:

3. FlyBoard:

2. Back to Back:

1. I can't say this :

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