10. Although England's football team has suffered "50 years of hurt", France and the Netherlands have both endured longer periods without winning any international competitions.

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9. Rolls-Royce's first driverless car contains a silk "throne".

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8. The so-called Islamic State's Twitter accounts are followed by thousands of porn bots.

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7. A lump of butter buried for 2,000 years in an Irish bog can remain edible.

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6. The chord sequence in Stairway To Heaven may have been partially inspired by the Mary Poppins song, Chim Chim Cheree.

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5. Exercising four hours after learning can help you remember information.

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4. The Dalai Lama can't remember if he's seen Caddyshack.

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3. The sun has "stolen" planets from other solar systems.

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2. An Australian rodent is probably the first mammal to be wiped out by man-made climate change.

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1. The speed Batman reaches while gliding through the air would probably kill him on landing.

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