Some people always take wrong decisions rather than solving the problem. These people will commit suicide due to emotional or intensive mental disorder. As we all know, great riches come with great responsibilities and also come up with some problems like what to do with that money? or we get tensed if we have money that came from illegal activities. Some people can't bear this stress and will decide to commit suicide. These are the 10 richest people who had committed suicide. After reading this you know the reason why they decided to suicide.

1.) Peter Duff:

An 80 yrs old, Peter Duff was a chairman of Alcohol in Moderation support group and also a wine expert. His wife named Penny was 70 yrs old. They both suffering from terminal Cancer when they travelled to the voluntary euthanasia clinic in Zurich. One day, they decided to spend last moments of their lives in their daughter's palace in Dorset. Sadly, they committed suicide on February 27. He is the one of the richest people who committed suicide.

2.) Rei Jane Huai:

Rei Jane Huai was the co-founder of a well-known company named "FalconStor"- Software  data Protection. He was too respectful of the people and he was the great leader of that people. He was later expelled from the post of CEO for his company due to the charges claimed on him for accrediting inappropriate payment to one of his customers. He was known as the man with the super skill set in software development. After the case was filed against him, he took it very seriously.  When he was going to his $2.5 million home, Sadly, he fired a bullet into his chest and died on the driveway. At the age of 52, he committed suicide.

3.) Howard Worthington:

The body of the self-styled lord, Howard Worthington,52, was discovered by police near his house in the village of Brewood, Staffs. Before police discovered him, they found his wife Julie Rees,47, with a weapon lying nearby inside the house. Howard Worthington killed himself after killing his partner Julie. He killed himself at the age of 52. Julie didn't die on the spot but she died in the hospital due to injuries.

4.) Wayne Pai:

Wayne Pai, chairman of Taiwanese Brokerage Polaris Securities. Due to some allegations claimed on him, the employees requested for the new chairman in news. He was litigated by paying an amount to the president of National Chiao Tung University. In Penghu, his body was discovered in water by fishermen. The doctors claimed that he was suffering from massive anxiety and emotional shakiness. He committed suicide at the age of 55. 

5.) John Lawrenson:

John Lawrenson was the successful businessman who got emeritus from the post of director for a well-known publishing company. Up to the age of 47, he and his wife led a happy life. The Old Rectory the Old Sables' was the name of his mansion which worths nearly $1.8 million and they lived there. both of them were ill and they committed suicide together due to the overdose of pills.

6.) Paul Castle:

Paul Castle and Prince Charles were close friends. Paul Castle was well reputed, the self-made and well-known businessman who committed suicide by throwing himself under the train. Paul was a heart patient, he suffered from tumors. The oil and gas surveying company faced losses before the year he committed suicide. Paul committed suicide at the age of 54.

7.) Jonathan Wraith:

Jonathan Wraith, at the age 35, he became one of the youngest millionaires. He was the father of two children. Few days after the Christmas, he committed suicide. One of his friends and family members says that he was a happy man and he didn't have any such type of stress or grief. He used to run a joint business for his father which worth nearly £30  millions. His father experienced a stroke which takes Jonathan to the world of depression. Later, he committed suicide.

8.) Peter Smedley:

Peter Smedley, was a millionaire, who spent 33 years with his wife, Christine Smedley. Both of them enjoyed wonderful life by making love. Peter was a civilized man who hardly ever discussed his problem with anyone. Motor Neuron is the disease which makes him commit suicide. He committed suicide at a clinic in Switzerland. He thought this is the only way to get rid of that disease. Peter Smedley death was documented on BBC report.

9.) Michael Marin:

Michael Marin was one of the ex-street traders. He subjugates Mt. Everest and seven of the other world's highest mountains. He interested in collecting the art portrait. In 2009, the amount in his bank account pruned from $9000,000 to $50. He wants to pay the amount of $17,250 as the monthly mortgage payment on his mansion which worth nearly $2.3 million. Michael Marin committed suicide in the Phoenix Court. He set fire to his 10,000 sqft  mansion. Later, he spent almost 21 years in jail. sadly, he committed suicide at the age of 53. 

10.) Eli M. Black:

Eli M. Black, a Jewish American businessman, the controller of United Brands company. He married to an artist, Shirley Lubell. he had a daughter and a son. Eli M. Black was the founder of Apollo Management.  In the 70s, his bribe of $2.5 million to Honduran president Oswaldo Lopez to diminish the taxes on banana export was disclosed. In 1975, he dived from the forty-fourth floor of a building and committed suicide at his office.

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