God bless few people with marvelous talent. Some people are gifted with this awesome talent since their childhood. Prodigies, a person,  especially child and younger people are the one having extraordinary talent. From an 11-year-old Harvard student to a teenager helping the US government beat terrorism.  Here are the most famous child prodigies of our time.

10.) Theodore Kaczynski:

He was the math prodigy, entered  Harvard University at just 16 years old. He earned a doctorate after graduation and his thesis paper was so complex that even his professors were unable to understand it. He was one of the 22 students experimented on as part of the CIA's infamous MKULTRA program, and soon after he became a recluse, living in a secluded cabin in the woods. He Spent the Next two decades making homemade bombs to university students and employees, killing 3 people and injuring 23 others. The FBI arrested him in 1996, and he is now serving 8 life prison sentences.

9.) William James Sidis:

William was born in 1898 and was considered to be one of the smartest children to have ever lived. At the age of 18 months, he started reading. Later, at the age of 8 years, he had developed a new mathematical formula, a logarithm table based on the number 12. In the same year, he not only taught himself eight languages but also created his own language, which he called vendorgood. At the age 11, he was accepted into Harvard university and gave a lecture about four-dimensional bodies. understandably Sidis struggled with the media attention surrounding him, and after graduation, he took a celibacy vow and lived the rest of his life secluded from society. 

8.) Taylor Wilson:

While most of the children spend their time playing video games, an 11-year-old Taylor Wilson was busy in his garage building a mini bomb made with sugar and stump remover. He started making new developments in the field of radioactivity. At the age of 14, he successfully built a working nuclear fusion reactor- bring the temperature of the plasma core to 520 celsius, which is 40 times hotter than the core of the sun. Later, at the age 16, he was advising the US Govt. on counter-terrorism, after he built a device which can track nuclear materials in the containers.

7.) Kieron Williamson:

Kieron Williamson,14 years old art prodigy from Norfolk,England, he often described as the mini-Monet. At the age 5, he asked his parents to buy him a drawing pad on their holiday in Cornwall. After 2 years,  he showcased his portraits in his first exhibition, which is sold out in minutes, earning him $200,000. Later, at the age 8, he bought his parents a house from the proceeds of his work. By 11 years old, he was worth almost $2 millions.

6.) Sho Yano:

As a child, Sho Yano stunned the world with his scientific ability and massive IQ of 200. He went through elementary to high school and at 9, he attended college. After his undergraduate degree, he was offered a place at the University of Chicago. Later, at the age 18, he graduated with a Ph.D. in molecular genetics and cell biology. when he was 21 years old, he qualified as the one of the nation's youngest ever qualified doctors and now works as the pediatric neurologist.

5.) Adora Svitak:

Adora Svitak gained national media attention at the age 7, who was a child literary prodigy for writing over 300 short stories, as well as her ability to three books a day. Later, she published her first opus titled Flying Fingers was published, which was critically acclaimed and she started teaching poetry to elementary school children. At the age 13, she had become a leading activist in the importance of education and her own speech at TED. Later, at the age 15, she was speaking at the UN to discuss how technology can be used to improve child education.

4.) Timothy Doner:

After studying for his bar mitzvah as a teenager, Timothy Doner became interested in Middle Eastern culture, which prompted him to learn modern Hebrew. After learning the language at a fast pace with a tutor, Doner delved into Arabic by himself and became fluent in just one week. He dedicated the next three years of his life to intensely studying linguistics, and at the age of 16, he was able to speak a staggering 23 languages, including the Native American Language Ojibwe, Indonesian, and Kurdish.

3.) Nick D'Aloisio:

Nick decided to teach himself some computer programming when he was 12 years old. It enabled him to release his first iPhone application later that year. Nick spent his time developing an algorithm that would automatically summarize large sets of text, in an app called summly. After receiving a $1 million dollar investment for the app, he now became the youngest person in the world to raise venture capital. In 2013, he sold his app to Yahoo for over $30 millions.

2.) Sufiah Yusof: 

Sufiah Yusof achieved an A grade in the challenging pre-college mathematical exam in the UK, which secured her a place at Oxford University at the age of 12. Unfortunately, while her academic life thrived, her family life fell apart, and she suffered emotional and physical abuse from her father. his was subsequently jailed for sexual assault. she eventually dropped out from Oxford University, and since then she's been working as Asian Escort, advertising herself as a prostitute at a rate of $180 an hour.

1.) Mozart:

Mozart can only be described as a musical genius. At the age 6, he wrote his first composition, and by 8 he'd written his first symphony for a full orchestra. when he was 14 years old, he traveled to Rome. In Rome, Mozart heard a performance of Allegri's Miserere, a choral work that consists of 9 individual vocal parts, which lasts 12 minutes. Mozart wrote the entire piece of choral work from his memory when he came back to his home.

                              "Every child is born a genius"

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