Adolf Hitler- the name itself kills countless people in ancient period.

Adolf Hitler Austrian-born German politician and the Leader of the Nazi Party. Also, He was the initiator of The Holocaust and the Great Orator. Adolf Hitler is the killer of Jews.
These are few things we know about the German Dictator. Some facts about him are still in the hiding. Here the few of them from many.

10.) He Never Visited Concentration Camp:

Adolf Hitler, who killed many jews and he never visited a single concentration camp during his period.

9.) Jewish Girl:

Hitler's First Love was a jewish girl, Stefanie Isak. But, he never said her due to the lack of courage.

8.) Adolf Schicklgruber:

Adolf Schicklgruber is the first name of Adolf Hitler. Later, His father changed into Adolf Hitler in 1877.

7.) Flatulence:

Flatulence means "the accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal". Adolf Hitler suffered Chronic Flatulence. Hitler took nearly 25 Different Drugs to fight with it.

6.) Anti-Smoking Campaign:

Adolf Hitler is the one who led the first Anti-Smoking Campaign in modern History.

5.) Hitler's Second life:

During the World War I, german Wounded-Hitler's life is spared by  the British Soldier.

4.) One Testicle:

He lost the other during the World War I. Maybe he was trying to compensate by taking over the planet?

3.) Hitler wasn't even from Germany:

He was from Austria, which is kind of like Germany's Canada.

2.) Killed Nephew:

Hitler bombed his nephew's house in Liverpool, So he joined the US Navy to fight him.

1.) Mercedes Dealership:

Adolf Hitler, while in prison, wrote to a Mercedes dealership begging for a car loan

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