The technology around us is upgrading day by day, and the way it changes our life is unbelievable. Medicine is just part of the world that  may save human lives. Medicine is increasingly falling under the influence of new technologies to remind individuals when to take treatments, or when it’s time to monitor one’s vitals. But today technology merged with medical  treatment and formed a great way to save our lives. Although it is possible in sci-fi movies, modern day scientists are still working on technologies that might make us live a thousand years. The possibilities of what technology can do are endless. Today in this article, we explored 10 such medical technologies that are helping us to live longer.

10 New Medical Technologies That Make You Live Longer:

10.) Neuroprosthetics:

       The general aim of this medical technology is that a part of your body can be replaced by an artificial part that functions like a natural body part. These implants take input from neurons in order to respond to an outside stimulus. They act as a natural body part if  someone loses his body part in accidents. "Your Brain Dies Last" said by Steve Martin's holds true- The Man With Two Brains Notion. In future, we might look like Robocop.

9.) Brain-Computer Interface:

     If you have seen "Matrix" movie, it would be easier to understand this medical technology. The Main aim of this technology is, the brain can communicate with the computer. In a simple way, a brain-computer interface can interact with existing neural functions of your brain to restore cognitive abilities and functions. Naturally why would the scientists limit themselves to just restoring and repairing, they make effort to achieve the greater good; that being to enhance the already existing capabilities. Through this technology, brain damage will never be permanent thus prolonging life.

8.) DNA Repair:

     DNA is more than just strands of the cell; it is like a computer that directs and repairs your cell. If we manage to repair the DNA or the DNA have the ability to repair itself then we have more chance of living longer than we should. For example, cancer is the breakdown of DNA’s capacity to mend itself,  the key is to understand how it works and maybe jumpstart it in order for it to repair itself. Once we understand the way how DNA works, then we can enhance it well

7.) Anti-Aging Enzymes:

     The Two Enzymes SIRT3 and SIRT4 are responsible for the process of Aging. The cells’ ability to divide and reproduce when hindered shows the signs of aging on humans. If this medical technology can restore the depleted cells, the effects of Aging can be eliminated easily. For example, let us consider the process of aging with the analogy of a battery. A used battery can be charged. In a similar way, the cells cane be repaired and you can be young again. The near future scientists are making the effort to prolong life by eliminating the effects of Aging.

6.) Partial Brain Transplant:

     Our Scientists still don't know the exact working principle of the brain. However, in 1982, Dr. Dorothy T.Krieger implanted healthy tissue on a damaged part of the brain. Here's the miracle happened, not only brain accepted the artificial tissue, it also functioned like a normal brain. She bred two mice, one was normal and the other lacked the ability to produce L.H.R.H. She implemented the same procedure and the mouse that originally lacked the ability was now producing L.H.R.H. Scientists are trying to implement the same mechanism on humans, if they succeed, the growth will also be possible thus increasing the life of humans.

5.) Organ Printing:

        Organ printing resembles organ donation only in this form cells are used to repair the defected organs. Printing process is said to make organ's layer and it does it one at a time just like a dot matrix printer. Now scientists are currently working on something relatively equal as vessels. If this medical technology finds its way, then there is no worry about the donors and doctors needs only a few cells from a patient, also eliminating the fear of rejection of the organ.

4.) Artificial Organs:

        Nowadays, technology is fairly simple to explain but rather difficult to achieve. Few days back, scientists transplanted an artificial heart to a patient which results in him to live several years. The artificial assembly replaces the bottom two ventricles of the heart. In 1982,  when one Mr. Barney went through a transplant and getting an artificial device within him pioneered by Dr. Robert Javrik. Due to the availability of donors, the technology has slowdown. But now, we can see more than just a heart with the help of technology.

3.) Downloading Your Consciousness:

        The aim of this medical technology is that one day people will be able to live in computers for thousands of year. The principle of this technology is that a computer will have all of your information integrated on it with artificial intelligence that would allow humans to live in computers. Scientist Ian Pearson is the one who presented this technology. By 2050, if you make that long, you can see this technology and you will have your own silicon soul.

2.) Suspended Animation:

       The idea is to increase the time so that the patient can be treated within the “golden hour”. The first hour after a tragedy strikes a patient is called the golden hour. Theories tell us that most of the battlefield deaths occur when a medical team fails to reach the soldier within the first hour. This medical technology's aim is to pause that time meaning the soldier will be putting into hibernation as to prolong the time for a medical team to reach. And this is exactly what Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies, is working on now. They trying this medical technology on animals to test whether it work or not, hopefully someday the technology works and even human can benefit will that technology.

1.) Whole Head and Whole Body Transplants:

     The brain is known to be autoimmune means that the brain does not reject a brain as it rejects other organs such as liver or kidney. But the challenge with this technology is that it rather difficult to transplant a head, specially have to attach to the nervous system in such a way that the resulting patient is not a quadriplegic. It's not that much easy to detach the head and then attach it again, the first thing to do is to freeze the body so that the brain cells will be dead, so there will be no effect on the brain. However, in 2001, Dr. Robert White transplanted the head of a monkey to another animal. In future, if this technology succeeds, all you need to do is to find yourself a body and the doctors will transplant your head to that body and you could even live for thousands of years.

 "And Now Technology Will Make You Live Thousands Of Years"

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