Every time when we think about the world, we always catch bad things like rich avoiding poor, politicians taking away money from public and no good GOVT. service at all. These are the negative stories that are dominating in our daily news headlines because we rarely get involved in the good things that are happening around us.
That's why we bring you the 10 good things that happened in this month:

      "This List is not based on the ranks because good things won't be ranked."

Japanese train station remains open for one passenger:

My way of dealing this situation is just saluted to the Japanese train station. This Japanese train station is named as Kyu-Shirataki station, Hokkaido, Japan. Japanese Railways has kept this station open for a high school girl named "Kana Harada". Her high school is located half an hour away from this station. The Japanese Railways said, "This station will be closed after the graduation of Kana Harada, which will be completed in march."

Former criminal helps give back to community:

Jay Cook is the guy who changed himself when he saw the position of the homeless people around us. Why don't you? At least, give it a try.

Cook has spent loads of time in jail due to his crimes. He decided to give back to his community, Rhode Island. He received $1,000 lawsuit cheque from the State. Later, he changed himself and decided to spend that money by preparing food for homeless and local military veterans.

                 "Money won't be a matter if you are a good-hearted Guy"

“I did the crimes. I paid the price for it. I’m just trying not to go back. I broke into people’s houses. I’ve stolen vehicles. I’ve done everything. This is my best possible way to stay straight,” Cook told KFLY News.


Five-year-old boy saves father from heart attack by biking in the dark to find help:

This little guy named Kévin-Djéné has tried a lot to save his 58 years-old father who collapsed on the floor. What this little guy was done will make you speechless.

Kévin jumped on to his bike wearing only pyjamas and drove over 8 kilometers in the rain across the town to alert his mother about the condition of his father.His father is now joined in a hospital due to the motorist who spotted Kevin on the road and called 911 to save Kevin's father.

Woman uses lottery winnings to rent hotel room for homeless man:

The woman named Sofia Andrade wins $200 in scratch lottery ticket but she decided to help the homeless people who are in need. She stopped at stop sign and gave $200 to the man named Glen William, who was freezing on the street and panhandling at the stop sign for three years. 

She then took him to the coffee shop and bought him a drink to keep him warm and also she paid for the motel room so he could stay warm for the night. Later she created a page GoFundMe to collect long-term donations for Williams.

World’s largest blanket created to help the sick and homeless:

Over 2,000 women efforts made a world's largest blanket to keep thousands of homeless people warm. Mother India's Crochet Queen ( MICQ Organisation) asked women all over the world to help with this project. 6 months effort of 2,472 women took to complete this work. All of the individual blankets were stitched together on Sunday. 

      This breaks the Guinness World Record for the biggest blank across the world. After that blanket was broken down into individual blankets and sent those blankets for homeless and poor people.

Faith in humanity restored: Anonymous donor pays $25,000 to cover rent for affordable housing apartment complex:

In Utah, An Anonymous donor made one affordable housing complex very happy. A total of $25,000 set entire complex relaxed for the month of January. The Park Record Journal Reported that the complex rent was paid before Christmas:

     "Just days before Christmas, residents of the 38-unit Newpark Studios were notified that their January rent had been paid. Monthly rent for the entire affordable housing community is about $25,000 or $527-$709 per unit. Most of the tenants are service industry workers and young adults."

This Anonymous made many families happy. Faith in humanity restored.

Policeman buys man a bike so he won’t have to walk to work everyday:

When police officer received a call about the suspicious man in the park. But, When the officer Zach Stamper proceed towards the Samuel Meixueiro in the park, he saw the man's struggles- Samuel lost his home recently and he was sleeping in a church and he couldn't afford to buy a car to get to work, so he goes to work by walking 5 to 6 hrs every day in the morning. Meixueiro said to Stamper that he was simply taking a break in the park before he had to continue his journey to work. Stamper offered this man a bike to get to work rather than walking.

According to Fox4kc News, Officer Stamper said “I was like, wow. My commute, I drive to work and it’s done. I couldn’t imagine spending five hours a day traveling back and forth to work, let alone on foot,”.

Woman decided to raise money for homeless man when he helped her to safety:

Image: Facebook/ Nichole Sedgebeer

When a woman named Nicole Sedgebeer missed the last train in London at night and the station was locked and nowhere to stay, a homeless man named Mark approached her and said that he would walk with her to 24-hr coffee shop, so she would not have to go there alone in the dark. Mark goes back to the coffee shop in the morning to take back Nicole to the station.
Nicole was so touched by his kindness and she decided to set up a crowdfunding account to help mark and she has raised over $18,000 to help this kind-hearted homeless guy.

“This man who I probably would have avoided eye contact with if he asked for spare change, completely changed such a negative event into the most eye opening event in my life,” Sedgebeer wrote in a Facebook post, dedicated to her new friend.

Many cats and dogs find loving owners at adoption event:

Nearly 3,500 people attended the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(ASPCA) event, Sanford, North Carolina and adopted about 524 cats and dogs. Now these cats and dogs finally found loving homes.

Farmer gives away his harvest to feed the hungry:

Jonathan Lawler who was a farmer of the 36-acre farm for the past seven years decided to give back to his community, Central Indiana.

He turned his farm into a non-profit Organization and linked up with the local food bank to help the homeless people.

            "Helping the poor and homeless won't cost you a Million"

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