Cartoons are often the first television animated characters that people will come into contact with. They are generally designed for children and are an effective way to keep kids engaged and out of mischief. But the internet has ruined everything. I think! Maybe I just have a dirty mind or maybe these images are kind of inappropriate. Or both. That's also a possibility Check out these  10 cartoon fails that will ruin your childhood life.

10.) Pokemon 

Pokemon is the one of our favourite cartoon show of childhood and we wasted lots of time by watching those pokemon episodes. We now know why James and Jessie were always at each others throats’. Introducing Jessie and Lickatonge’s affair.

9.) Donald Duck 

Donald Duck! We all know about Donald Duck Right? This is the one of the cartoon fails.

8.) The Simpsons Fail

Acutally, Simpsons used to come late for dance class. But now he making a good time...Sometimes going late to class is probably the good idea!

7.) Rugrats 

“Chuckie, can I have a look at… well, you know what, please?” “Tommy, I would really prefer if I didn’t show you.” “Chuckie, that wasn’t a request…”

6.) The Magic School Bus 

Wow! You think its fake right? Don't worry about that, but bad thing is I do have Proof!!!

5.) Naruto

We have never seen Naruto like this before , so we can’t comment on the show. :P  

4.) The Arthur

3.) Sponge Bob Square Pants


I think you already know what's happen next?

1.) PowerPuff Girls

This is my favorite cartoon fails of all time. I think you all know the meaning right?


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