Living in the today's world is bit dangerous and someone should be more careful about the serial killers who live among us. Here we have the list of the world's most brutal serial killers.This list of serial killers is ranked by kill count. Sometimes you may want to keep an eye on the suspicious guy wearing a clone suit and lives down the hall from your apartment. Remember the behavior exhibited by serial killers range from the brutish to the nightmarish to the absolutely unimaginable. This list is organized in descending order.

10.) Gary Ridgway - 49 Victims

Gary Ridgway is one of the America's most brutal serial killer of all time. Gary has murdered many women over the decades, from the confirmed date range between 1982-1998 but it could stretch to as late as 2001. Most of the Gary's victims are women, some with hand and some with ligatures. His first five victims were found in Green River, Washington, media gave him a nickname, the "Green River Killer". Gary arrested after the confirmed DNA evidence which linked him to the death of four women. While in custody, Gary informed police about the place where he dumped the dead bodies. I think the death penalty is the only way that is suitable to this jerk.

9.) Anatoly Onoprienko - 52 Victims

Anatoly lives in the land of Ukraine. His father married another woman after the death of Anatoly's mother and passed along to another family. Eventually, Anatoly ended up with the orphanage. In a  short period, Anatoly killed a total of 52 people from 1989-1996. Anatoly's killer life was started with the death of a family about 10 people in a robbery which gone wrong. Anatoly started beating women and children with hammers and murdering an entire family with a shotgun including an 11-year-old boy sleeping in a car. This guy was ruthless. He would usually eliminate the evidence by arson, setting a fire to the homes. "The Beast of Ukraine,"The Terminator," and "Citizen O." are the nicknames he got from his murders.

8.) Abul Djabar - 65 Victims

Abu Djabar is the dangerous serial killer who lives in Afghanistan and was suspected of murdering over 300 men and boys. Nobody knows about his personal information. Unlike the majority of the demented people on this list, Abul merely targeted males.Abul would stifle his victims with a turban while raping them. Abul Djabar killed nearly 65 people, and possibly a ton more. Two people were executed for abul's sick crimes before he was brought to justice. Finally, Abul was arrested while he was searching for his next victim. He was tried and sentenced to death by hanging. This event was publicly displayed on October 21, 1970.

7.) Yang Xinhai - 67 Victims

Mr. Yang Xinhai is the another guy from China on the list. Xinhai holds the name as China's most prolific serial killer ever, being responsible for 67 murders and 23 rapes in short period of 4 years i.e from 1999-2003. Xinhai had a prior history of crime from 1999-2003. Later, he was sent to labor camps for theft crimes. In 1996, he spend 5 years in prison for attempted rape but was released  after two years in 1999. 1999 is the year where it all started, he enters the victim's homes in the middle of night and hew entire families to pieces with axe, hammer, and shovels. Due to this brutal way of killing, media gave him a nickname, the "Monster Killer." He get away by wearing brand new clothes and shoes at each home invasion. In 2002, Yang entered into house, killed a father, a 6 year old girl, and raped the pregnant mother who survived the attack with severe head injuries. Xinhai was caught in the traffic stop due to his extremely suspicious acting. His DNA matched with the DNA evidence from several crime scenes and Yang was convicted to a total of 67 kills. Finally, he was sentenced to death and executed by shooting on February 14, 2004.

6.) Kampatimar Shankariya - 70 Victims

India takes the number six place in this list. Kampatimar Shankariya is the one of the most brutal serial killers. This guy nominated as the India's most prolific serial killer in history. He was born in 1952 and responsible for the deaths of 70 innocent people. Believe me, this guy is an ass****, he did all of his murders in only a year plus i.e, from 1977-1978. He killed them with hammer-repeated blows to the head. His intentions are also very biased and his details are unknown to the public. Kampatimar was sentenced to death by hanging. These were last words before being executed, "I have murdered in vain… Nobody should become like me."

5.) Pedro Rodrigues Filho - 71 Victims

We got Brazilian on the list… Pedro Rodrigues Filho was born on a farm with head injuries due to his father striking his mother during pregnancy. This guy is nuts, his first murder is committed at the age of 14, by killing the vice-Mayor of-of Alfenas, Minas Gerais, because they fired his father from a job as a guard(school) over the theft. While he was trying to escape, he met a girl named Maria Aparecida Olympia who ended up being killed by some gang members. In search of a killer who killed that girl, Pedro tortured and murdered several people in an attempt to find out who killed Maria. By the age of 18, he had increased his murder count to 10. In a local prison, Pedro killed his own father, cut out a piece of heart, chewed it, then spit it out(Sounds like a zombie). Pedro killed his father because his mother was killed with a machete by his father. In May 1973, Pedro was arrested and claimed he killed over 100 victims but was tried for 71 and sentenced to 128 years in prison. Due to the crimes he committed in prison, his sentence was jumped up to 400 years. Unfortunately after 34 years, he was released on April 24, 2007, he traveled to Brazil's northeast where he was arrested for inciting a street fight and other crimes.

4.) Daniel Camargo - 72 Victims

This serial killer spread his killing over two different South American countries, both Colombia and Ecuador. Daniel Camargo is responsible for the deaths of 72 to a possible 150 young girls. Daniel started his crimes with petty theft. After raping five young women using sodium based sleeping pills, he was arrested and sentenced to 8 years in prison . He and his female accomplice Esperanza would induce young girls into their apartment where he can commit his crimes. After being deported from Brazil for being undocumented, he committed his first rape and murder in  Colombia. In 1977, he was arrested and sentenced to 25 years for the crime. In 1984 he escaped  from prison using boat and the media and police claimed - he was lost at sea or ate by sharks. Unfortunately, Daniel drifted to Ecuador where he continued raping and killing, sometimes stab his victims if they resist. Daniel was caught by two police officers who were doing a routine patrol and noticed him acting strangely. He was caught with a bag containing bloody clothes and the clitoris of his last victim he killed.

3.) Pedro Lopez - 100 Victims

Looks like this guy broke the century mark in this list of serial killers. Pedro López was born in Columbia. Daniel Camargo, not only rapes and murders, he did in his home country of Colombia, he added Ecuador and Peru. It all started when his mother caught him fondling his little sister and his family banished him. Later, he ran away to Bogotá, Colombia. He was picked up by a man there and was repeatedly sodomized in a deserted house. At the age of 18, he started stealing cars. Supposedly during his incarceration, he was gang raped and ended up killing everyone who gang raped him. Later, he then moved to Colombia and Ecuador claimed that he killed about three girls a week. Pedro targeted young girls from ages 8-12 and after a failed attempt to abduct a girl he was trapped in by market traders. He was arrested in 1980 and released from the psychiatric wing, Bogotá hospital in 1998 on a bond of $50. 

2.) Luis Garavito - 139 Victims

 Colombian serial killing rapist by the name of Luis Garavito also known as "La Bestia" or "The Beast.". His majorit kills were the victims ranged from age 8-16 and were street children living in terrible conditions. Luis gain their trust by offering them gifts or small amounts of money. He then would walk with them to a remote location where they get tired. That's where he would strike, he would rape, slit their throats, and dismatile their bodies. The  bodies found with signs of extensive torture from the perverted psychopath. On April 22, 1999 he was captured by police officers confessed to the murders of 140 children. Also since he helped authorities find some of the bodies, his sentence was reduced to 22 years. Luis Garavito took his one step further than our last entry.

1.) Henry Lee Lucas - 145 victims

The number one spot goes to another serial killer, the guy of a flawed criminal justice system, Henry Lee Lucas was released from prison after killing his own mother due to overcrowding. Later, he killed at least 350 people over 20 years, though he claims to have been involved in nearly 600 murders.

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