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10 Self Defense Techniques You Should Learn To Save Your Butt From Morons

Everyone should learn some self-defense moves to defend themselves from other harmful people. What If you walking alone in the street and some guy threatens you like I say your risk of attack can be cut simply by following some basic Defense techniques.

1.) 360 Degree  Defense Technique:   

 360 DEFENSE is a main Krav Maga defensive. It allows you to defend against a sudden attack at any angle from the opponent. It is considered as a blocking  technique and is never to be used in isolation; a 360 defense is always associated with counterattacks. 360 defense emphasizes full extension of the wrist and fingers, protection of the vulnerable volar forearm, a 90-degree elbow, and some degree of flexion at the hips to add power and maximize the protective effect of the defensive.

You can learn this Self Defense Technique by watching this video

2.) Power Angle Kick Technique:

Power Angle Kick (also known as a roundhouse kick or swinging kick) is the technique in which the attacker swing his or her leg in a semicircular motion, striking with the front of the leg or foot. This technique is used in many different martial arts and its became more popular in both non-contact and full-contact martial arts. In power Angle kick, one should turn his leg up to forty-five degrees. Most popular in kick-boxing, lethwei, and muay Thai. With this kick, all parts of the opponent’s body can be attacked and every kind of attack can be countered.

You can learn this Self Defense Technique by watching this video

3.) Hamukai knife defense Ninjutsu:

Ninjutsu technique was invented by groups of people mainly from the Iga Province and Kōka, Shiga of Japan who firmly noted  as assassins, scouts, and spies for their skills. Mostly developed in the 14th century during the warring states period of feudal Japan, many different schools (ryū) have taught their unique versions of the art.

You can learn this Self Defense Technique by watching this video

4.) Pankration Shoulder Throw:

Shoulder Throw is one of the best defense technique to save your butt. With Shoulder Throw  technique, one can simply make his opponent fall on the ground. See below video to learn the perfect Shoulder Throw technique.

You can learn this Self Defense Technique by watching this video

5.) Rear Leg Front Kick:

The front kick can be delivered from the rear leg. Kicking with the rear leg is more common and more comfortable for most of them. The rear leg front kick is a natural motion and it is most dangerous kick; it’s easier for kickers to shift their balance and put their weight behind the kick and more force to hit the opponent hard. The rear leg kick, especially from a relatively deep stance, often enables kickers to crash right through an opponent’s block. 

You can learn this Self Defense Technique by watching this video

6.) Rolling Knee Bar:

A kneebar (also known as leg bar or hiza-juji-gatame) is a leglock that can extend the knee. The basic kneebar technique is similar to that of an armbar. The victim will trap the opponent's leg in between their legs and secure the opponent's leg with their arms, so the opponent's kneecap points towards the body. The victim then applies some pressure with their hips, forcing the opponent's leg to straighten, extending the knee joint.  

You can learn this Self Defense Technique by watching this video

7.) The Reap Marine Martial Arts:

The reap Marine Move is one of the best and easy self-defense technique to make your opponent fall to the ground. This move is similar to a Judo Trip, same mechanism, just a little more practical, and less of a chance for the opponent to sprawl out. This technique will help you to get your opponent's center of mass outside his stability zone.

You can learn this Self Defense Technique by watching this video

8.) Rear Naked Choke Marine Martial Arts:

The Rear Naked Choke is a chokehold in martial arts applied from an opponent's back. Depending on the context, the term may refer to one of two variations of the technique; either arm can be used to apply the choke in both cases. The term rear naked choke likely originated from the technique in Jujutsu and Judo known as the "Hadaka Jime", or "Naked Strangle". The word "naked" in this technique suggests that, unlike other strangulation techniques found in Jujutsu/Judo, this hold does not require the use of a keikogi.

You can learn this Self Defense Technique by watching this video

9.) Pointe Au Foie/Direct Visage Attack Method Savate:

This is also one of the best self-defense technique you can use when you are threatened by someone. In this technique, one should hit the opponent's liver with your foot as shown in the video below.

You can learn this Self Defense Technique by watching this video

10.) Back Leg Sweep:

One of the best ways to unbalance your opponent is to sweep his forward foot with either your front or back leg. When that happens, your opponent is left standing on one foot, trying to maintain his balance. At that moment, you just push him to fall on the ground and you can do just about anything you want to him.

You can learn this Self Defense Technique by watching this video

These are the 10 self-defense techniques one should learn to safe from any sudden attacks.
                                      "Be the Opponent, Not the Victim."


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