San Francisco photographer, beth moon's quest made her travel many parts  of the United States, Europe, Asia, the middle east, and Africa for the world's oldest trees. Her 14-years journey to capture these oldest trees has succeeded and made her put these 60 duotone prints into an opus titled "Ancient Trees : Portraits Of Time".

Beth Moon's criteria for choosing certain trees are a great age, immense size and notable history. These trees have survived on mountain sides, private estates,or on protected land. Few species of these trees found in few isolated areas of the world.

These are the 10 pictures of ancient trees that are tangled, hollow-trunked yews lived more than thousand years:

1.)Desert Rose (Wadi Fa Lang):

desert rose

2.) Avenue of the Baobabs:

3.) Bufflesdrift Baobab:

4.) Croft Chestnut:

5.) General Sherman:

6.) Heart of the Dragon:

7.) Ifaty Teapot:

8.) Rilke’s Bayon:

9.) Sentinels of St. Edwards:

10.) Wakehurst Yews:

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