Recent 2015 Nepal earthquake on 25th  April prompted us that human species is helpless in front of natural Disasters. Earthquake all over the world killed 7000 people and it’s the death rate is expected to exceed 10000 and injured more than 15000 people. Here the list of 10 deadliest earthquakes in the world in human history in terms of damage and fatality. Deadliest Earthquakes are not same as the strongest earthquake due to geography and population density in the area.

Here are 10 of the worst earthquakes in the world, in the number of deaths and damage to property:

10.) Great Kantō earthquake, Kantō region, Japan:

Date:  1st September 1923
magnitude:  7.9
Cause of Death: Tsunami
Deaths: 105,385

9.) Ashgabat Earthquake, Turkmenistan, USSR:

Date:  6th October 1948
magnitude:  7.3
Cause of Death: Earthquake
Deaths: 110,000

8.) Messina earthquake, Italy:

Date:  28th December 1908
magnitude:  7.1
Cause of Death: Collapsed structure
Deaths: 123,000

7.) Haiti Earthquake, Haiti:

Date:  12th January 2008
magnitude:  7.0
Cause of Death: Fracture, Tsunami
Deaths: 222,570

6.) Aleppo Earthquake, Syria:

Date: 11th October 1138
magnitude:  Unknown
Cause of Death: Fracture
Deaths: 230,000

5.) Ardabil earthquake, Iran:

Date:  March 22, 893
magnitude: Unknown
Cause of Death: Earthquake
Deaths: Estimated 150,000

4.) Indian Ocean Earthquake, Coast of Sumatra, Indonesia:

Date: 26th December 2004
magnitude: 9.1
Cause of Death: Earthquake and Tsunami
Deaths: 230,210+

3.) Tangshan Earthquake, Hebei, China:

Date:  28th July 1976
magnitude: 7.8
Cause of Death: Earthquake
Deaths: 242,769

2.) Haiyuan Earthquake, Gansu, China:

Date:  16th December 1920
magnitude:  7.8
Cause of Death: Fracture, Landslide
Deaths: 273,400

1.) Shaanxi Earthquake, China:

Date:  23rd January 1556
magnitude:  Estimated 8.0
Cause of Death: Collapse of house
Deaths: Estimated 820,000

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