Nobody lives forever. Natural and man-made disasters often challenge our understanding the world and our place in it. They say that when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. Try telling that to these people, Whether lost at sea, jumped from flight or trapped inside a volcano, here are 10 incredible stories of people who have survived against all odds.

10.) The Meng Brothers:

Meng Xianchen and Meng Xianyou were working in a coal mine. Generally, Coal mines are not the safe place to work, but the Meng brothers were working in an illegal mine where there will no safety precaution or any emergency team if anything bad happens. After the mines collapsed, a rescue team was sent in search of the Meng brother but they gave up. Meng brothers decided to give it a try, these brothers started digging themselves out with a pickaxe and bare hands, they tunneled their way through 66 feet of coal. They ate coal when they starve to death and drink their own urine. Once they pulled themselves to the surface, they went to the hospital. These brothers are the badass who survived the death.

9.) Ricky McGee:

Ricky McGee picked up a hitchhiker in Australia on January 23rd of 2006, who ended up drugging him. He woke up under a tarp and rocks only to find that dingos were trying to eat him. After scaring them away he found himself alone in the Australian Outback and managed to survive for 71 days eating leeches, snakes, and frogs. He lost over 125 pounds but was rescued by a rancher who came upon his makeshift campsite.

8.) Juliane Koepcke:

Juliane koepcke was the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Peruvian Amazon. In 1971, when her plane crashed into the Amazonian mountains, Juliane fell 2 miles from the sky but still strapped in by her seatbelt. She spent nearly 10 days looking for help in the jungle, where the waters are crammed with crocodiles and piranhas. Later, she was rescued by a group of Peruvian lumberjacks.

7.) Peter Skyllberg:

peter Skyllberg was the guy who was trapped inside a car buried in a snowdrift for a full 60 days. In Feb 2012, two snowmobilers found an abandoned car which is buried through a meter of snow in Sweden's icy northwest. Those snowmobilers dug the snow to get to the vehicle and shocked when they saw a man lying on the backseat. Skyllberg said, " I spent 60 days trapped inside the car, living off snow alone". 

6.) Aron Ralston:

In 2003, Aron planned a trip to Utah's blue John Canyon. when he was climbing the canyon, the boulder dislodged and pinned his hand to the canyon wall. Sadly, he spent 6 days alone strolling for life to free himself. After 6 days, he decide to sever his forearm so that he could escape from dying alone in the canyon. 127 hours is the movie based on Aron's life story.

5.) Michael Benson:

In 1992, Benson and his colleague Chris Duddy were shooting aerial footage of Hawaii for a movie when their helicopter crashed over Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano. While Michael and Chris Duddy was trapped in the crater of a volcano, choking on its toxic fumes, they started listening to the lava gurgle below them and resigning themselves to a frightful death. "There were several times when I just gave in to the fact that I was going to die," said Mr. Duddy, a 31-year-old film technician who was filming the Pu'u 'O'o vent of the Kilauea Volcano from a helicopter when it crashed into the crater on Saturday morning. "Emotionally I didn't think I could handle it.". They both spend two restless night inside the volcano.

4.) Alexis Goggins, The Invincible Girl:

Alexis was an ordinary first grader, she saved her mom from the bad guy. she did this by jumping in front of her mom and taking six bullets, including a couple to the head. It all started with a guy who kidnapped Alexis and her mom. Unfortunately, the guy is Alexis's mom ex-boyfriend. When the guy started shooting Alexis's mom, she dove into them and begged him to stop shooting. without any hesitation, he shot six times right to the girl's chest. Later, the cop came and arrested that guy and admitted this little brave girl in the hospital. "Salute this little brave girl".

3.) Lincoln Hall:

After reaching the crest of Mount Everest in 2006, Lincoln was struck down on the mountain due to severe altitude sickness while descending the mountain and eventually stopped thinking about the chances of living. After trying to revive him for two hours, hall's guides were planning to retrieve his body the next day. The next day the ascending climbers were shocked, when they saw the hall sitting on the ridge cross-legged, very much alive. The Australian mountaineer Lincoln Hall had survived a whole night on the Earth's highest mountain with frostbitten and few injuries. This is the guy who kicked the death right in the balls.

2.) Jose Salvador Alvarenga:

Jose is one of the badasses who survived in the pacific ocean until he washed ashore on a deserted island. Jose said he was blown off course during a fishing trip in Mexico and he had been drifting in the pacific ocean nearly 13 months in a 7-meter boat. He made through 5,000 miles by eating fish, turtles, birds and drinking rainwater, urine and blood of a bird.

1.) Vesna Vulovic:

Vesna Vulovic is a Serbian formal flight attendant in 1972. Vesna Vulovic is one of the Guinness world record Holder for surviving 10,160mts(33,333 ft) without a parachute. On Jan 26, 1972, the explosion of JAT Flight 367 caused the plane to break apart. At that time, Vesna was not scheduled to be on that flight but due to some reason, she scheduled to be a flight attendant on that plane. When the plane was about to break apart she didn't have the right plan to escape rather than jumping from a plane without having a parachute. she decided to jump and she actually did it. Surprisingly she is alive. I think she is the one who cheated death and kicked it right in the balls.

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