With the powerful Missile Technology, the strength of countries increases and these countries becomes more powerful and dangerous in the battlefield. Every country in the world making its effort to increase its missile technology. One of them is the nuclear missile and it is probably the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. It killed nearly 90,000 and 166,000 people in Hiroshima and from 60,000 to 80,000 people in Nagasaki. Currently, there are enough nuclear missiles in the world to destroy the earth easily. Here the list of 10 countries with Best missile technology and No of nuclear missiles that those countries have right now and the videos of each country launching a missile.

10 best Missile Technology Countries in the World
Country Name
No Of Nuclear Missiles
 United Kingdom
 North Korea

10.) North Korea:

      North Korea holds one of the best missile technology in the World. It succeeded in making of scud-D ballistic Missile(range-800km). North Korea has started its missile development program in the 1970s and in 1984 it succeeds in the launching of scud-B ballistic Missile. It also developed the Scud-C with the range of 500km.

Video of North Korea launching Missiles: 

9.) Iran:

let's talk about the missile technology in the middle east, Iran is one of the powerful countries in that perspective. Iran has developed and tested short-range artillery missiles and also developed three powerful missiles namely Shehab-1, Shehab-2 and Shehab-3 with a range of 300km,500km and almost 2,000km respectively.

Video of Iran launching Missiles:

8.) Pakistan:

In 1990, Pakistan linked up with China to develop the 750km-range, solid-fueled shaheen-1 ballistic missile. In the same year, Pakistan also purchased M-11 ballistic missiles from China with the range of 300 km. 
List of Three Powerful missiles owned by the Pakistan:

Name of Missile

Video of Pakistan launching missile:

 7.) Israel:

Israel has developed very effective ballistic and cruise missile. In 1960, Israel has developed Jericho-1(short range ballistic missile) with a range of 500km. While in 1970, it developed the Jericho-2  missile with a range between 1,500km to 1,800km.Israel also developed the unmanned aerial vehicle and a missile defense Industry.

video of Israel launching missile:

6.) India:

India also developed its missile technology with ballistic missiles. India included prithvi-1 and prithvi-2 in its army as well as in air force. India has developed series of Agni's production. India's sea -launched a ballistic missile that named as Sagarika which is under development process. Now India had nearly six Agni missiles as shown below.

Name of Missile
Est.10,000km(Under Development)

Video of India launching Missile:

5.) United Kingdom:

The Great Britain shares a band of missiles with the US at the Strategic Weapons Facility Atlantic, Kings Bay Submarine Base, Georgia. U.S.A service the Trident II sea-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) used by Britain.

Video of the UK launching Missile:

4.)   France:

After the US, Russia, and China, France takes the fourth place as it has more than three hundred strategic nuclear and dangerous warheads. In 2010, French Navy deployed The M-51 which is an ICBM and it is mainly developed to replace the M-45 (SLBM). The M-51 missile has a maximum range of 10,000km. It can carry about six independently re-entry vehicles with a yield of 100kt-150kt each.

Video of France launching Missile:

3.) China:

 China's best Missile technology is the Dongfeng 5A(NATO reporting name is CSS-40) which is an improved version of DF-5A ICBM and it ranges up to 13,000km. The missile can carry about six re-entry vehicles with a weight of 600kg each. China also has Dongfeng 31A which is named as CSS-9 Mod-2 by NATO. Dongfeng 31A has a range of 11,200km.

Video of China Launching Missile:

2.) The United States of America:

The United States of America holding one of the dangerous ballistic missile in the world known as Minuteman-III (LGM-30G) with a range of 10,000km and weight up to 34,473kg and travel with a speed of 15,000mph. It is the only land-based ICBM in U.S Military. Another missile knwon as UGM-133 Trident 2(SLBM)  which can carry a nuclear missile with a range of 11,300km and speed of 13,000mph. The Trident II D5 is likely to be in service until 2042.

Video of US launching Missile:

1.) Russia:

Compared to all countries, Russia has got maximum powerful Missile technology. Russia has the RS-24 that has the capability to take nuclear weapons. RS-24 has the targeting range of 10,500km and having weight up to 47,200kg. Another distinction, which Russia is having in missile technology, is the development of R-36M Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). R-36M with a range of 16,000km.

Video of Russia launching Missiles:

Theses are the 10 countries which can destroy earth easily if they start launching these missiles on other countries at once.
Don't try this at home folks!
Believe me, if you stand near these missile launchers your ass with turn into roasted Beef. 

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