The Architect, Gerard da Cunha, collaborated with the legendary  illustrator Mario Miranda about 14 years ago to publish several of his books and also opened a Mario Gallery in his office in Panjim.

   "The book was successful and this was when Mario came to me," da Cunha said. "He had done a book called Inside Goa and wanted my help in rewriting and redrawing it. After that was done, he asked me if I could do a book on his work. It was also very successful. I ended up doing five books on Mario, along with two diaries.”

   On March 2014, Da Cunha displayed nearly 10,000 of Miranda's works  in the reception area of his architectural studio, when he opened the Mario Gallery in Panjim. In the Mario Gallery(second gallery dedicated to Miranda in Goa), we can buy his original drawings as well as merchandise such as prints, cards, mugs, tiles, and books. 

Here are 10 impressive drawings from tens of thousands of Mario's classical drawings:

10. Strange heaviness:

         "This cartoon expresses the deadpan humour of that Man."

9. The bachelor apartment:

      Da Cunha said this is one of his favourite drawings. This drawing was done for a magazine known Cocktail in Bombay. As you see, this portrait was drawn on yellow paper and it's got a wonderful detail about it: the kind of magazines that the man is looking at, the books and the overall mess in the apartment.

8. Street In Fountainhas:

    This is the one of the best portraits of street drawing and it is one of the collections of Mario's Gallery.

7. Colonial Portuguese Architecture:

6. Church In Macau:

5. Mangeshi Temple:

    This drawing is the one of the best portraits in Mario Gallery. Mangeshi Temple is one of the most famous temples in Goa. This drawing is the pure sketch and it got these beautiful buildings and has a symbolic significance to Goa.

4. Village Bus:

        This drawing is based on the old Goan Buses that he used to travel in his teenage. This bus scene is something he used to draw from childhood as he was very amused by it. He drew this portrait by himself sitting next to two big-breasted women. He was always looking at things and exaggerating them.

3. A Portuguese Restaurant In New York:

2. Man at the corner:

   This portrait was done by him when he toured New York for an exhibition. In the eighties, Mario stopped working for The Times Of India and became a freelancer. He was taken to New York by the United States Information Services for a month to draw whatever he wanted to. He drew lots of drawings which reflect the spirit of New York.

1. Road To Pernem:


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