The Lord Buddha(Buddha Purmina)

     Buddha Purnima( Vesak or Buddha Jayanti) is a Buddhist festival which marks the Lord Gauthama Buddha's birth.  It is celebrated on the day of the full moon that occur in May and it is a gazetted holiday in India. And, we all aware of the fact that how and why prince 'Siddhartha Gautam' changed into 'Gautama Buddha' by exposing the pleasures including spirituality, looking for the real enlightenment of the soul. Festivals to honor Buddha were held for many centuries.

    Buddhism followers usually treat this day as the most important and enlightened festival in the year. Now, let's know about how can we too worship the lord Gautam, who teaches the betterment and peace in the mankind.

     First and foremost, it is celebrated in many Asian as well as in some foreign countries too, such as Cambodia, Japan, China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines and Australia, Canada, and in some USA states too. However, they may worship the lord in different ways.

      Gautama Buddha was believed to be born between sixth and fourth centuries BCE. He was a spiritual teacher during and after his lifetime in India. Opinions are generally divided among two scholars, one who place Buddha's death about 480 BCE and the others who place it as much as a century later. 

10 Facts About Lord Buddha And The Buddha Purnima:

10. His appearance...

        Buddha was not as chubby as he is depicted. His portrayal is symbolic of happiness in the east. 

9. Popular By Two Names, Vesak and Buddha Jayanti

     The fact that this festival has two names is right, Vesak and Buddha Jayanti are the other names well known for this Buddha Purnima festival. It displays not only Gautama Buddha's Birth(623 B.C) but also Buddha's enlightenment(588 B.C) and his death after attaining Moksha, at the age of 80.

8. Lord Buddha, The Ninth Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu

     Buddhism was the new religion initiated by the Lord Buddha. According to the holy scriptures of the Hindus, he's the ninth embodiment of Lord Vishnu( Supreme God of the Hindus) and also a part of the Holy Trinity(Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara). Lord Buddha was also known as the Preserver and Destroyer.

7. Buddha Purnima Marked Many New Beginnings

     On this Suspicious day(Buddha Purnima- 21-may-2016), Buddha's wife Yashodhara, Ananda, his first disciple, Channa, his charioteer as well as his horse, Kantaka were all born on this particular day. On this day, Buddha started preaching his sermons to all, and even the holy Bodhi tree, under which Prince Siddhartha became Gautama Buddha, was born on this day. 

6. Rabindra Jayanti Is Celebrated On The Same Day

     In May 1950, At the first conference of the World Fellowships of Buddhists was held in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo , it was decided that Vesak would be celebrated on the auspicious day of Rabindra Jayanti. 

5. Different Calendars Give a Different Date For Buddha Purnima

     On the day of Buddha Purnima, the full moon will have appeared on this night. But according to the Buddhist's Calendar, sometimes this month will have two full moon days, Instead of one, few other countries will celebrate on the other full moon day.

4. Purnima Is Celebrated With Tranquility And Peace

     Although this festival is celebrated with much pomp and grandeur, shows the symbol of tranquility and peace. However, decoration of houses, lanes and illumination of houses along with chanting of Buddhist recites indeed considered as a part of this celebrations.

3. Worshipping The Dharamachakra Or The Dharma Wheel

     The SharmaChakra Or the Dharma Wheel is the unique symbol of Vesak. But not all the Buddhists sects pray to the Buddha's idol, some Buddhists pray to the symbol of Vesak. You can see this unique symbol in all Buddhist monasteries in the world! This wheel will have eight spikes which symbolize the Buddha's teaching towards the path of righteousness and enlightenment and also displays the noble eight-fold teaching that makes up Buddhism.

2. Worshipping And Adorning The Bodhi Tree

      Under this Bodhi Tree, the Lord Buddha gained his Enlightenment which still stands tall amidst all the newer ones. Every year, on this propitious day, people who pray for Lord Buddha will decorate and offers prayers to this tree. They also decorate will colorful flags which is the symbol of Buddhism. Scented water and milk are sprinkled at the roots of this Bodhi Tree.

1. Praying To The Statue Of Baby Buddha

      Many devout Buddhists will also visit the temples where Baby Buddha idol is placed in a tub of water, decorated with flowers and lamps which display a new and pure beginning all over again. People who pray for this Baby Buddha hopes for a rejuvenated beginning devoid of any obstacles and mistakes on their parts!