Technology is playing an important role in everyone's life and also evolving drastically, and every IT pros need to keep up with some challenging tech skills to get a good positioned-job. A recent report on the basis of 1 April 2015 to 1 April 2016 shows an increasing growth in demand for certain tech skills year-over-year. Now it's time to add few new IT skills to your life. To help you focus your attention in the right  places, we developed a list on the based on the data provided by Dice.com, Here's the list of top 10 Fast Growing technology skills. We also provide the examples of career opportunities for those skills.

10 Fastest-Growing Tech Skills:

10. Juniper

      Most of the companies in the today's market are rely on the specific networking services and products to achieve their success. Juniper Networks is the vendor company which provides companies with network-based identity and policy control products and firewalls. Dice often consider hiring managers in the market for the candidates with vendor-specific network administration or security or support roles said Melk. Especially in some Network technologies like "Juniper".

Example career opportunities:
Senior Manager, Information Security Ops
Network Deployment Planning Engineer

9. Cassandra

    Cassandra is quite similar to the big data/Apache skill, which is used to help store, process and access large sets of data. Essential to a company's success, professionals with Cassandra experience are well-compensated. According to the Dice's 2015-2016 salary survey, the professionals with Cassandra experience are the second-highest earners, Melk says.

Example career opportunities:
Software Engineer Cloud
Sr. Administrator, Database Cassandra

8. Hive

    Apache Hive is a data warehouse which is used to analyze large Hadoop data sets. Hive's popularity increases widely with other big data skills, like Spark and more general big data and data analytics skills, says Melk. Even Hive is new to the market, this big data tool is continued to be well recognized with the MNC like Apple and Amazon who are looking for the professionals with a known knowledge of Hive.

Example career opportunities:
Senior software engineer - Big Data
Senior software engineer

7. Cloud

    Cloud is one of the most well-known technology and it is adopted by many companies as a solution to the storage and data access, as well as cloud-based applications and technology providers, cloud skill sets are in high demand. Cloud-based applications are playing a major role across a variety of industries and the technology is as ubiquitous today as mobile or big data. Due to that reason, companies are providing more salary to the employees who have the knowledge in the Cloud technology.

Example career opportunities:
Cloud Support Engineer 
Cloud Specialist

6. Electrical Engineer

    This is the only engineering position on the list, it's a fact that electrical engineers also playing a key role, says Melk. The role deals with the design, programming, application, manufacturing and operation of electronic or computer systems, and also plays a huge part in the design and development section of Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology; But the benefit in this job role is, professionals can work for a variety of employers, from government contractors to large tech firms and startups, Melk says.

Example career opportunities:
ALCS Senior Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer


    JIRA is developed by Atlassian and it is well known as a bug, issue tracking, and project management system used in software development program. It has wide popularity in the tech world. Managers on Dice hiring professionals with JIRA and it is a mandatory prerequisite rather than having other tech skill for a position in software development, Melk says.

Example job opportunities:
Portal Support Engineer
Developer, Software

4. Big Data

    Big Data is a collection of large and complex data sets and used by companies that have difficulty in processing the large and complex data sets using traditional data processing applications. Today companies are looking for a competitive edge to leverage big data to gain insight into customer behavior or patterns in users, making this a highly in-demand skill, says Melk.

Example career opportunities:
Big Data Developer
Big Data Architect

3. Salesforce

    Salesforce is a fastest-growing skill and it is new in today's world. Salesforce considered being a dominant player which offers innovative customer service resources for sales teams who are looking to drive leads and stronger client relationships. Universities, Management consulting firms, and insurance companies all looking for professionals with Salesforce skillset on Dice, says Melk.

Example career opportunities:
Salesforce Administrator, Databases and Initiatives
Senior Salesforce.com Developer

2. Azure

    Microsoft Azure is well known as the cloud computing platform which is basically designed to improve productivity for tech professionals. Azure is one of the crucial skill to have and it can help in streamline and simplify mobile app development, says Melk. Professionals with Azure and AWS(Amazon Web Services) are particularly marketable and managers on Dice often looking for candidates who are well-known these skill sets said Melk.

Example career opportunities:
UI Developer
Senior Engineer, Cloud Infrastructure

1. Spark

    Spark is an open-source framework, Hadoop, Apache developing this open-source processing engine aiming to help companies who process large data sets. The professionals with strong coding and programming skills are top hiring priorities, says Bob Melk, founder of Dice. Managers on Dice are offering professional development and leadership opportunities to programmers with Spark skill, says Melk.

Example career opportunities:
Data Engineer
Spark Architect


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