Manchester United is one of the Biggest English Premier League's(EPL's) one of the most popular clubs, and it is located in the North of England. Even if someone don't follow football( soccer), they definitely know or heard about Manchester United.  Manchester City is the Home to World-class football. The city's Unique feature is defined by its creative mix of old and new; displaying both modern landmark and also industrial buildings in a prosperous cultural scene.

Every fan of Man. United will surely know the certain facts about their beloved club, every new follower struggles to keep updated in the case of news and also knowing some facts about this Football club. So, here, this list will provide to you the few amazing facts about the Manchester United. Every Man United must know about "The Red Devil's".

10 Amazing and Interesting Facts About The Manchester United:

10. In 1878, this football club founded as Newton Health LYR (Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway) Football Club and then retitled into Manchester United Football Club in April 1902 after the club fined with a debt of £2,670.


9. Under the legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United, The Red Devils never finished lower than 3rd place in the Premier League seasons.

8. Manchester United became the first English Club to win the treble in 1999. Celtic FC is the British team who won the treble back in 1967. 

7. Back in 1995, Manchester United holds the Biggest Premier League Victory to date. They defeated the visiting team Ipswich Town 9-0 at Old Trafford.  

6.  In 1995, the match held between Manchester United and Southampton, in which Ryan Giggs netted a goal just in a span of 15 seconds which break the world's fastest goal and now he holds the title of the "World fastest goal". 

5. La Liga Club, EPL's Liverpool and Real Madrid had offered their star players for free to play for Old Trafford because of the Munich Air Disaster occurred in 1958, in which Manchester United lost nearly half of their first team in an air crash( in Germany). 

4. Manchester United Captain(Current) Wayne Rooney is the Englishman who has the highest scoring in UEFA Champions League and also broke the record of Paul Scholes(Former United Midfielder) who scored 24 goals in Champions League prior to Rooney's 29 goals. 

3. Manchester United FC along with Arsenal FC has won 11 prestigious cups which broke the history of FA Cups.

2. Ryan Giggs, Peter Schmeichel, and Roy Keane are known as the Club Legends, these are the only soccer(football) players who won three doubles along with the Manchester United, in 1994, 1996 and then again in 1999.

1. Manchester United is the First Ever English Premier League team who won the European Cup known as the UEFA Champions' League.

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